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Celebrity Gods in 2D!

Throughout the last eight months, our celebrity Gods have taken time out of their busy schedules to take on the role as God in 2D. ‘Spamalot Charity Gods’ has been created to raise-a-lot of shillings for several charities that mean something to them and us.

The role of God is currently played by the Python Legend, Eric Idle and we have invited a vast list of celebrities to step into his white robe in 2D (as if we could afford this god-like comic in 3D in these hard times!). These include in order of Godly appearance, Hugh Bonneville, Bradley Walsh, Barbara Windsor, Simon Callow, Christopher Biggins, Michael Palin, Larry Lamb, Brian May, Michael Ball, Gary Lineker, Tim Walker and Brian Cox.

Hugh Bonneville, kicked off the series of ‘Celebrity Gods in 2D' on 15th July and supported his charity of choice Scene & Heard. Bonneville said; “I'm delighted to be involved with the show because an ancestor on my mother's side was in fact one of the Knights who say Ni.”

Barbara Windsor, played Spamalot’s first female God; “I wanted to play God in Spamalot because having been 4ft 10.5 inches tall (four feet, ten and a half inches) all my life, this would be the first and only time people would look up to me.....”.

Simon Callow said; “I wanted to play God because it's such a challenging role for a mere mortal. Spamalot is a work of genius and God is the climax. So it was irresistible."

Monty Python legend Michael Palin, decided to ‘fart in the general direction’ of fellow Python legend, Eric Idle. His nominated charity was Action for Stammering Children.

Queen guitarist and music legend Brian May joined the ever-increasing list of celebrities with his nominated charity being the Save Me Campaign. May said; “I love Monty Python, always have done. Spamalot is a wonderful show and it’s very up-to-the-minute, it doesn’t date at all, and I recommend everyone see it at least five times.”

The Telegraph's Tim Walker followed in the footsteps of our heavenly Gods to raise money for the Telegraph Appeal.

Professor Brian Cox is set to take on the heavenly role this week at the Playhouse Theatre. Cox said; “It is a reasonable no brainer,” says Professor Cox. “If Eric Idle says to you ‘do you want to be God in Spamalot?’ then I’d be surprised if anybody had ever said no.”

Celebrity Gods in 2D!

Sir Howard Panter (says he’s a real Knight! as if), Producer of Spamalot for Ambassador Theatre Group, said; “It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to bring friends of the show in to the role of God in this way, so that we can help such deserving causes while making audiences laugh at the same time.”

The dates currently confirmed for the Celebrity Gods in 2D are:

Hugh Bonneville W/C 15th July 2013

Bradley Walsh W/C 22nd July 2013

Barbara Windsor W/C 5th August 2013

Simon Callow W/C 12th August 2013

Christopher Biggins W/C 19th August 2013

Michael Palin W/C 26th August 2013

Larry Lamb W/C 2nd September 2013

Brian May W/C 9th September 2013

Michael Ball W/C 21st October 2013

Gary Lineker W/C 4th November 2013

Tim Walker W/C 6th January 2014

Brian Cox W/C 20th January 2014